Taking Care of Our Customers for Over 35 Years





How MDP Got Started

The idea behind Monte de Piedad® began in 1977, when company founder Don Francisco worked as a manager for a supplies chain store in San Diego. Many of the workers, he came to find out, were living day-to-day. The little money they earned was usually gone as soon as it came in. These were good people, who had families to feed, bills to pay and homes to keep. The financially smart, yet compassionate Don Francisco began loaning them money to keep them afloat for next to nothing. He kept it simple – small loans for small fees.

Three short years later, Don Francisco had amassed a remarkable book of business and gained quite a reputation for trusted money lending. Once he made the move to deal in gold as well, the idea of joining gold within the loan transaction process was born. And so it was in 1980, Monte de Piedad® was formally established. Pulling its name from the rich history of pawnshops across the globe – a name, which literally means “mount of piety” – Don Francisco’s shop never placed profits in front of people. Unlike competitor shops, as the business grew, Don Francisco kept his store true to its roots and continued to solidify Monte de Piedad® as a pillar in the community.





Where is MDP Now

Monte de Piedad® is now California’s leading family-owned pawnshop company with 13 locations throughout San Diego County alone. Our reputation speaks for itself. We provide immediate non-recourse cash loans, or pawn loans, for our customers, who secure them with collateral. In addition, we also carry a wide array of top merchandise, such as fine jewelry and electronics, available for sale at discounted prices. More importantly, however, Monte de Piedad® represents a 36-year-long history of helping our customers find smarter financial solutions and avoid economic hardships for generations. We have built a solid reputation of trust within every community we have a location, and it is this partnership that has made us so successful.