Why Christmas Shopping at Monte de Piedad ® is a Great Choice.

PROFILE_PICTURE_XMAS2(1)Think Cartier and Tiffany, and fine jewelry, and you’re probably imagining ultra expensive diamonds, watches and stunning jewelry out of your reach. Now, walk into a well-established pawn shop like one of the several Monte de Piedad® branches in California, and your eyes will light up like a Christmas tree. Monte de Piedad® offers up to 60% off on all merchandise during the holiday season and does so with a hearty Ho, Ho, Ho!

Monte de Piedad® delivers the goods on all fronts. Christmas shopping at Monte de Piedad® is a great choice, because those gorgeous brands of jewelry are on display at major discounted prices. There is something for everyone at your local Monte de Piedad® pawn store. For the electronics buff there are lots of sophisticated, high tech gadgets at rock bottom prices. All these cool electronics are in super working order. Names like Sony, Apple and Toshiba are there for the taking. Ipads to game systems, to big TVs, laptops and more, Monte de Piedad® offers what the expensive stores sell but at save-a-bundle bargains.

Maybe your man can’t get his hands on enough big, bad power tools. Monte de Piedad® features a terrific lineup like Makita, DeWalt and Bosch. Chain saws, power drills, corded or cordless quality items, the selections are revving with super discounted prices. Monte de Piedad® also offers musical instruments featuring brass, woodwinds and plenty of strings. Maybe there’s an oboe in your future. Look around and you might just find musical instruments to call your own.

Monte de Piedad® offers incredible customer service. Their highly trained staff members know the value of every item they sell. They understand folks are looking for a good deal no matter what spending bracket they’re in. Monte de Piedad® pawn shops offer unique merchandise, and that’s what people adore opening up as gifts on Christmas.

Christmas shopping doesn’t have to result in overcrowded mall trips. Quality items can be uncovered at a pawn establishment like Monte de Piedad®. It’s an adventure, just like searching for buried treasure. If you haven’t tried pawn shop shopping, then you’re missing out on all the fun.