Simple Ways To Save On Back To School

istock_back-to-school-590x393Its estimated by the National Retail Federation that American families will spend a total of $75.8 billion on back to school shopping this year. This means its time to get more creative on saving money for back to school supplies.

Check what you own

Before you hit the stores, take stock of what you already have. Go through the clothing and supplies you have on hand and decide what can be reused this year. Donate the rest to charitable organizations and be sure you get a receipt for your donation.

Patiently wait for the list

With every store advertising back to school sales it’s tempting to start stocking up now on items you think your child will need, but wait for the lists. Once the lists arrive, compare them to the reusable items you already have to avoid buying more than necessary.

Check your local pawn shop

A pawnshop is a great place to buy items in a great condition at a good price. If your budget is limited, visit a pawn shop and browse the deals in electronics. You may be surprised to find all types of computers, tablets, and 

electronics at great prices that fit your back to school budget.

Shop for clearance sales

month after the kids go back to school, clearance bins will be all over your favorite stores. Keep your list with you and grab any items you still need.

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