Best Mothers Day Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

Mother’s Day gifts are all about honoring and celebrating the mom in your life, be that your biological mom, stepmom, an aunt, a grandmother, an older sister, or anyone who fills a maternal role. If you’re lucky, you’ll have at least one of these. But if you’ve hit the mom jackpot, then you’ll have all of these and more!

So as Mother’s Day is just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your mom or maternal figure for a change. Before you start your shopping ask yourself – what, besides you (and your siblings) does your mom really love or enjoy? And if you want to show your mom that you know she is more than just a mom, then a Mother’s Day gift that matches her interests is the best way to do that.

Coming up with a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift is no easy task, so here are some amazingly personal and budget-friendly gift ideas for all kinds of moms. But first, some tips on how to keep those gift costs down, no matter the occasion.

Mother's Day Gifts

Save Money This Mother’s Day

Make The Gift Yourself

No matter what your moms’ interests are, there is nothing as personal and thoughtful as a gift made with your own two hands. And as long as you don’t have to go buy any special tools or equipment, then why not make your mom something really special. It could be something as simple as a greeting card or as complex as a throw – or even a dressing table!

And if you already have the raw materials such as paper, wood, or scraps of material then it could cost you almost nothing. Except time that is!

Consider A Gift Card

A lot of people think that a gift card is a cop-out. But if you have no idea what to get for your mom, then a gift card allows her to choose something she really wants. And that is far better than yet another generic sugar scrub, body lotion, and bubble bath Mother’s Day gift pack!

To save money, check out Gift Card exchange sites and apps like Gift Card Granny or Raise. And remember that some stores, such as Costco, sell gift card bundles that cost less than the total face value.

Visit A Pawnshop

Some people will frown on the idea of buying something second hand as a gift. But there is absolutely no shame in buying a gently used item, especially if it is electronics or jewelry. And if it happens to be something you know your mom would adore but that you couldn’t afford otherwise, then why not? If you are going the second-hand route though, then make sure you visit a reputable pawn shop.

Because most pawn shops have some kind of return policy, odds are that they’ve made sure the item works properly. Which means your risk of getting scammed is a lot lower! Larger pawn shops, such as Monte de Piedad, also allow you to trade something you have for something you want. That means your fancy “expensive” gift could cost close to nothing. Which is the best price of all!


Gift Ideas For Different Moms

Gifts For Creative Or Crafty Moms

When it comes to creating things, moms pretty much take the cake. Because if it weren’t for them, then you wouldn’t exist! But jokes and bad puns aside, there are a lot of moms who like to spend the little bit of free time they have on creative projects. And when it comes to creative pursuits, there are literally dozens to choose from.

Make it

Two things that crafters never have enough of is storage and craft supplies. So a personalized craft box filled with a variety of supplies from your nearest dollar store is an ideal Mother’s day gift. And all you’ll need to make it is a shoebox and some newspaper. To make it truly personal print out any newspaper clippings from the day you were born.

Buy it

Even the most creative crafters need a little inspiration and guidance sometimes. And The Big-Ass Book of Crafts by Mark Montano has dozens of great ideas any creative mom will love. In fact, Amazon has hundreds of books about every kind of creative pursuit you can imagine, so start browsing!

Gifts For Sporty Or Active Moms

You would think that running after kids all day is more than enough exercise for one person. And yet you will find moms pulling on running shoes and yoga pants and heading out the door with water bottle and tote bag in hand. Once again there are dozens of different fitness-related activities that moms enjoy, so keep that in mind when shopping for your Mother’s Day gift.

If your mom enjoys a number of different activities, then try to find a gift that will suit them all.

Make it

Whether your mom jogs, cycles, hikes, does yoga in the park or just walks the dogs; there are things she needs to carry with her. And she doesn’t always want to carry a bag. So these homemade running belts or armband phone carriers are perfect for her.

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No matter the activity, your mom needs to hydrate. So why not spoil her with a really fancy water bottle? These trendy bottles from S’well are pretty and unique all on their own, although you can personalize some of them with a name as well.

Gifts For Techie Moms

Not every mom needs special training just to learn how to turn on the TV. In fact, many of them have fully embraced the 21st-century technology takeover and are more tech savvy than you! Whether it’s practical tech that makes her mom life a little easier or just a fancy gadget that would be cool to own there are all kinds of tech gadgets that moms would love.

And you if you can combine her love of tech with another interest such as cooking, fashion, photography or gardening – then so much the better!

Make it

If your mom uses her tablet as a recipe book or while sitting at a desk these nifty handmade tablet stands are wonderful. However, these homemade cardboard and material cases are more portable and protect your mom’s device at the same time! Just adjust the sizes to suit her chosen device and you’re golden!

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Coffee is the fuel that most moms run on, and with the AeroPress coffee maker she can make amazing coffee anywhere she can find hot water! Another thing moms are is busy. Which makes everything from phones and purses to keys and kids easy to misplace. So give your mom peace of mind with a Tile Bluetooth tracker (it’s worth it!).

Travel Mom

Gifts For Travelling Moms

Some moms have jobs that take them all around the world and others commute on a daily basis. But whether it’s just short day trips or long boring trips to work, traveling moms need practical solutions. But practical doesn’t mean you can’t find a trendy gift for Mother’s Day!

Make it

Two things that would come in handy for every mom are a travel wallet and a cosmetics case. The really great thing is that a travel wallet has a variety of creative uses, and so does a cosmetics case!

Buy it

Because they’re petite enough to easily fit into a handbag or gym bag, rollerball perfumes are perfect for moms on the go. Plus you can try out an expensive perfume before splurging on a whole bottle! Mom always wants to look her best, and these mini flat irons will fit right in her purse – so she can have perfect hair no matter where she is!

Gifts For All Natural Moms

Whether it is due to allergies or just because they are champions of the green living lifestyle, plenty of moms prefer all natural products. And because many of them can be easily made at home, it also makes these products a whole lot cheaper than shop bought Mother’s Day gifts! In other words, green living also happens to be budget-friendly living!

Make it

From homemade laundry detergent or dishwasher and oven cleaner to homemade nail polish, lip balm, and hair conditioner there are hundreds of really affordable and simple recipes for homemade products. This is one instance where a gift hamper is actually a really good idea.

Buy it

There are so many homemade, all natural products out there that it would be difficult to choose just one for your mom. So Natural Beauty Skincare by natural skincare expert Deborah Burns is an ideal Mother’s Day gift. If you’re willing to spend a little bit more, then add ingredients for recipes you think your mom will love.

Gifts For Gardening Moms

Moms spend their whole lives nurturing and watching their children grow. So it makes sense that a lot of them enjoy pottering around the garden. Especially if you consider that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor a lot sooner. Simply because plants grow a lot faster than children!

Make it

No matter what you’re doing, losing the tools you’re working with is a pain. When plants and flowers are your hobby, the problem is that you have to search the whole garden for those tools! And that’s why a gardening apron or utility belt is perfect. Even if your mom already has one, a new one won’t go to waste!

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Many moms love amateur horticulture, but some just don’t have the time or the space for a proper outdoor garden. For moms who have very little free time, or don’t really have a green thumb; sealed terrariums are the best option. For those who have the patience, skill and time a bonsai kit is a wonderful Mother’s Day gift idea.

Culinary Mom

Gifts For Culinary Moms

Moms typically spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen. For many of them, cooking and feeding their family is a chore that they would rather avoid at all costs. But there are those who consider the kitchen their happy place and enjoy nothing more than creating an amazing meal out of everyday ingredients.

Make it

Most culinary moms will already have a whole range of recipe books or their favorite go-to recipe sites and apps. But they don’t necessarily want to have to browse all their cookbooks or go online every time they want to make a certain dish. Which makes a DIY personalized recipe book a fantastic Mother’s Day gift. Make it extra personal by adding your family’s favorite recipes to get mom started on her personal collection!

Buy it

Grating, slicing, and shredding is a chore – especially when you’re preparing large meals. With a drum or rotary grater, your mom will make short work of everything from cheese and potatoes to nuts and chocolate. Whether she’s batch cooking freezer meals or preparing Sunday lunch for the entire extended family, it will be a breeze!

Gifts For The Impossible Mom

Sometimes moms have too many interests to decide on a single perfect gift. Or you just might not know your mom well enough to be sure of what kind of gift she’ll love. In that case, why not look for something that is zodiac, birthdate or memory themed?

Some ideas:

Linda Goodman is considered one of the most accurate astrologists in the world, and though she has passed away – her books about the zodiac are as personal, meaningful and enlightening as they ever were.

If you want to combine homemade with shop bought gifts, then a custom photo book is a lovely way to do that. Whether you’re commemorating an event or a person, a photobook tells the story without words.

Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to save and share memories. But not everyone has the time or the patience to cut out and put together each page. However, with digital scrapbooking, a lot of the effort is removed. And with a free scrapbooking app, it won’t cost you a thing!

If you want to make something, then ideas with birthstones as the focal point make for stunning personalized gifts. From ornaments to jewelry, the options are both beautiful and endless. And if you’re going the birthstone jewelery route, then remember that the birthstone for May and Mother’s Day is emeralds!

And don’t forget that anything you can make at home could probably be found ready made on handmade products sites like Etsy, while anything you can buy new might just be at your local pawn shop. So contact  Monte de Piedad to find out if they have that item you’re looking for in store.