How to Get More Money For Your Gold?


pn-2014_1_3__15_11Here are some tips when choosing a gold buyer:


1. Choose a reputable jeweler. Look for jeweler or pawnbroker who has been in your community for a long time — they have a reputation to protect.

2. Make sure the jeweler has a permanent location. Always sell your gold to a place with a fixed address. Visit the location to be sure. Don’t just call.

3. Consider what you plan to sell. If you want to sell your gold and have an unusual gold coin, for example, it is possible that the coin is worth more than its gold content. Consult a coin dealer in this case. The same holds true for antiques.

4. Ask questions. Make sure you feel your questions are being answered when determining the value of your jewelry. Make sure you know what they do about any stones inside it.

5. Recycle your jewelry. You may prefer to choose a jeweler or pawn shop who sometimes elects to re-use the gold they purchase. This has a reduced impact on the environment.

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