Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love

When it comes to shopping for Father’s Day gifts for your dad, asking him what he would like is a waste of time. He’ll either tell you that he has everything he wants (which you know is a lie!), or he’ll ask for something ridiculously expensive. Like the latest super-fast sports car, a massive yacht or powerboat, or a week’s vacation with his favorite superstar.

But let’s be honest. Father’s Day is the one day of the year that you get to thank your dad for being your dad. Even if his dad jokes are really terrible and he has a superpower that involves embarrassing you at the worst possible time! But just like there are different types of moms, all dads have their own unique interests.

There are sports fanatic dads, motorsport fanatic dads, food fanatic dads, outdoor fanatic dads and a whole range of dads who are fanatics about something. So skip the generic tie, socks and aftershave Father’s Day gift hamper this year. And rather, get your dad a Father’s Day gift that is tailored to his unique tastes. For inspiration, use this list of gift ideas for every kind of dad.

Fathers Day Gifts

Save Money On Father’s Day Gift Shopping

Start shopping early

Whether it’s birthday, Christmas, or Father’s Day gifts you’re shopping for; one of the best ways to save money is to not leave it until the last minute. So make a list of everyone you need to buy presents for throughout the year, then write down a few ideas for each of them. Now keep an eye out for sales or special deals on those items. Better yet, use this guide about Google Alerts to help you save money on anything you’re interested in.

Shop the clearance bins

You would be amazed at the things that end up in clearance bins throughout the year. Sometimes a store will overstock a certain item for a particular event. But now that the event is over, there is no longer interest in that item. And instead of it taking up valuable space on the shelf, it will go to the clearance bin.

It could be because a newer, slightly updated version of that item is about to come out. Or it could be a seasonal item. Why something ends up in the clearance section is unimportant though. All that matters is that you could earn as much as a 50% discount on it!

Shop online

If you’re not already shopping online, then you should start. Firstly, it saves you a fair amount of cash on the fuel you would use driving around to all the stores in town. Plus, it is a lot easier to get the best possible deal on an item through an online store than a brick and mortar one. Another great benefit is that you can shop at any time of the day or night.

When you shop online, you don’t have to worry about getting off work just so you can take advantage of a great sale. There are no queues, no searching up and down the aisles for that one thing, and no need to search for parking. In other words, shopping online saves you both time and money!

Use Amazon’s Preorder feature

If the item that you’d like to get for someone is something that hasn’t been released yet, then the Preorder Policy from Amazon could be a great way to save cash on it. If you pre-order a qualifying item before it officially hits the stores, Amazon guarantees that you’ll pay the lowest advertised price between when you placed your order and the end of the official release date.

You might not save as much as you would if you waited for a clearance sale, but if you want the latest thing as soon as possible – it could save you a fair amount.

Visit pawnshops, thrift stores and second-hand stores

While everyone would love to always be the very first owner of a brand new something, not everyone can afford it. But just because something was pre-loved, it doesn’t mean that it is any less useful, valuable or appreciated than something right out the box. Common items you might find in pawn shops include everything from power tools and collectibles, to jewelry, musical instruments and electronics.

So, if you’re interested in something that would usually be way out of your budget, then browse your local second-hand goods store or pawn shop. You might just find exactly what you’re looking for at an amazing price.


The Dad Fanatic Gift Guide

The Hunting Fanatic

If your dad is a hunting fanatic, he’ll probably already have all, if not most of the gear he might need or want. But even if he does, it could be that he needs an upgrade or just wants to try something out. So whether he is a duck hunter, big game hunter, bow hunter or any other kind of hunter – here are a few can’t go wrong Father’s Day gifts in an affordable price range.

MultiCam FastFit Tactical Gloves – although these aren’t cold weather friendly, hunters use different gloves for different purposes. So gloves are always a great gift for hunters.

Scent Crusher Ozone Go – not as effective as the Scent Crusher Ozone Tote or Gear Bag, but a lot more affordable. And it plugs right into the 12V outlet of any car or truck.

3L Mil Spec Antidote Reservoir – great for hydrating on the go, it fits in most hunters’ backpacks. Plus, hydration systems are definitely more silent hunting-friendly than water bottles.

The Sports Fanatic

Some dads just love sports in general, whether it’s ball sports, water sports, or indoor sports. If your dad is one of those who switches to any sports channel the second he has control of the remote, no matter what sport is on – then you can’t go wrong with anything sports related as a Father’s Day gift.

SubliWorks Custom Collage item – whether sweatshirt, phone case or t-shirt; create a custom collage of all the sports your dad loves. Or just his favorite sports star.

Stubhub gift card – when dad will watch any sport, it’s hard to decide on tickets to a specific game. With the Stub Hub gift card, he can choose which game to go to and when. Plus, you can load any amount you can afford on it.

Popcorn machine  – popcorn and watching sports go together like peanut butter and jelly. So get your dad a sports-themed popcorn popper shaped like a football, baseball, basketball, or soccer ball.

The Gadget Fanatic

Gadgets that moms would love are very different from gadgets that dad would love for his Father’s Day gift. And a gadget is not necessarily something techie. Instead, it is an innovative tool that does something you could just as easily do another way – only in a much cooler way!

Hose Faucet Timer – everyone is perfectly capable of turning off the hose by themselves. But with a programmable timer, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to do it. Ever!

Fogless Shower Mirror – if you happen to be shaving in a steamy bathroom, all you need is a face cloth to clean the mirror off. But why bother if you can get one of these?

Foot Hammock – Whether sitting at a desk or the dinner table, your feet would be just fine on the floor. But someone decided that putting your feet up shouldn’t just be done in front of the TV, and now your feet get their very own resting place.

The Fast Food Fanatic

Let’s be honest. Everybody loves fast food. But busy dads have taken fast food to a whole new level. Unfortunately simple budget and health reasons mean that homemade dinners are the far better options. But these simple tools mean that dad’s dinner night can still be (sort of) fast food!

Burger Press – the problem with homemade burger patties is that they’re often odd shapes and sizes. But with a burger press, you get perfect burgers every time!

Pizza Stone – grab some readymade dough from the supermarket and homemade pizza is simple. But for that authentic pizza crust and flavor, a pizza stone is a must.

FryDaddy Deep Fryer – oven fries are healthier, but fast food needs deep-fried French fries. With an electric deep fryer, you don’t have to wait forever for the oil to heat up and you can deep fry just about anything!


The Travel Fanatic

Dopp Kit – from shavers and aftershaves, to combs and hair gel; men need a toiletry bag as much as women do. Only when you’re a guy – the correct term is dopp kit!

Grid-It organizer – phones, chargers, electric shavers and an assortment of other small items. All of these can easily get lost amongst the rest of your carry-on luggage. This little organizer makes everything easy to find when space is at a premium.

Travel Adapter – keeping your devices charged is important. But with many countries having different outlets, it can get a little tricky. A travel adapter takes care of your power needs with one small device.

The Book Fanatic

Kindles, tablets and other e-readers seem to have taken over. But there are some dads who just prefer traditional printed books with real pages they can flip and dog ear at will. For those literary dads who truly love books in all their shapes and forms, here are some great Father’s Day gift ideas.

Literary messenger bag – whether it’s files, the book they’re currently reading or everything they need to lug to work every day; these messenger bags are stylish, unique and functional.

Great Writer Shot Glasses – just because dad likes to read, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to party. With these shot glasses, he gets to enjoy both. And they make for great conversation starters!

Reading Journal – many readers like to keep track of what they’ve read so far. With this reading journal, it’s like having a personal offline version of Goodreads at your fingertips.

The Motorsports Fanatic

Portable tool bag – whether he puts it in his car, attaches it to the forks on his motorcycle, or just keeps it in the house; these compact tool bags are perfect for every dad

The Stig: The Untold Story – whether you love Jeremy Clarkson or hate him, the Stig is a mystery shrouded figure who has fascinated any motorsport fan for years. And this book is all about that mystery.

Racing Gold upcycled racing pieces – many car enthusiasts will buy old spare parts simply so they can say they own that thing. Racing Gold takes those spares and turns them into something a little more functional such as a clock or lamp.

The DIY/Power Tool Fanatic

Whether your dad enjoys working on his own cars and bikes, being the family handyman or coming up with DIY projects to keep him busy on the weekend; all dads love their tools. And if they’re of the power tool variety then they’ll find any excuse to use their toys. Sorry, we mean tools!

Electric screwdriver – no matter what kind of work your dad does around the house, an electric screwdriver is just a fun tool to own and use. So watch those cupboard doors, because he might unscrew them just to test out his new toy.

Flex Grip Work Gloves

Personalised tool bag – every dad will have tons of tools scattered around the garage, the house and their work shed. These personalized tool bags will hopefully help them keep all their tools in one place.

Handyman gloves – whether he is hammering things, stripping things, assembling things or just fiddling – these workman’s gloves will protect his hands and provide extra grip when necessary.

This is a simple gift list of some unique and affordable gifts for a variety of dads. But if we were to list every kind of dad there was, this list would take up the whole internet. So when it comes to shopping for Father’s Day gifts, ask yourself what your dad’s one passion besides his family is. Then head on over to your favorite search engine and search for gifts for fanatics of that thing.

There are fishing fanatics, gardening fanatics, tech fanatics, surfing fanatics, history fanatics, fitness fanatics, baseball, basketball and football fanatics, and fanatics of literally anything and everything under the sun.

So finding the perfect Father’s Day gift won’t be too difficult. Just remember that if you’re interested in a more expensive item such as tech gadgets or power tools, then you may just find it at Monte de Piedad. You might even find something unique like a collectible for the dad who has everything. So contact them, or pop in and find out what they have in store.