Items We Accept

We welcome a variety of items based on their quality, condition and salability. Our expert staff not only have the necessary training to properly assess value, but also the experience to understand how it will sell, which they rely upon to give you an estimate quickly and accurately.


Types of Items that we accept:

We are always looking for quality precious and semi-precious gems and metals that meet MDP standards. This includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, and of course, diamonds to name a few.

We happily accept top electronics brands provided they are in excellent working order, such as televisions, cameras, game systems, laptops, iPads and more, all of which gets thoroughly tested with our plug & play assurance that MDP customers trust.

Depending on its level of use, we accept small and large power tools from many major manufacturers, to include drills, saws, routers, sanders and more. All power tools are subject to our rigid testing to ensure it is in working order.

From uprights to woodwind, to string and brass, we take in a large assortment of instruments following a detailed inspection process. A well-cared-for instrument with history can fetch quite a price.