Frequently Asked Questions

An pawn loan uses items you own to put money immediately in your hand. We assess the value of your items and offer you an immediate cash loan based on that value. In exchange for the loan, we store your collateral in our high-security facilities and vaults. Luckily for you, when your due date is up, you have the option of either renewing your loan by paying the interest due, or receiving your items back by paying your loan in full.

Anyone with a driver's license, or passport, or a state- or federally-issued ID, or matricula consular, can easily obtain an MDP pawn loan. Just bring it with you along with the items you wish to pawn, and we'll get started immediately. Find a convenient location close to you.

You will receive the most money than any other pawn shop in San Diego county, period. Your loan amount depends on the value of the item(s) that you want to pawn, and Monte de Piedad pays the highest percentage of value in the industry. Your friendly MDP Loan and Sales Specialist will be able to accurately determine this value. Find a convenient location close to you.

We have the latest testing procedures to adequately estimate the true value of your gold jewelry, diamond, or watch. Your loan amount will be determined by your jewelry’s gold purity, market value, and diamond quality if applicable. Each item is independently assessed with the goal of providing you with the largest loan amount.

We do a quick and thorough market research on the exact brand and model of the item you are bringing to us. We also assess its physical condition and functionality to ensure it is in proper working order. Once we determine the highest value of your item, we lend you the most money for it.

Currently, a loan you take out today is due in 6 months, but you may pay off the loan at any time. For your benefit, Monte de Piedad offers the longest loan term in the industry with the option of multiple 6-month renewals.

As long as you renew or redeem your loan before our 6-month term, we promise you will not lose your item(s). If for any reason you choose not to do so at that time, your item(s) will be forfeited and become the property of Monte de Piedad®.

To give our customers the most amount of flexibility, you have the option of redeeming or renewing each loan separately.

We are flexible to our clients’ needs and gladly accept all major debit cards.

Don’t worry. You need only pay the interest at any time before the end of the 6-month term in order to receive a renewal on your loan for an additional 6 months. All jewelry loans qualify for unlimited loan renewals, but other types of collateral may not. Please visit your nearest Monte de Piedad® to speak to our expert staff for details.

To protect our customers, only the original borrower whose name appears on the original loan contract, may redeem a pawned item.

To us, you're more than just a customer; you're that special someone who we truly value. Monte de Piedad® is known for the long-standing relationships we build with our customers. We also lend the most for your collateral at one of the most affordable interest rates in the country. Plus, our 6-month loan contract and unlimited renewals means that you can borrow securely, knowing you’ll also have the best opportunity to redeem your personal items. So when you need us, stop by; we’re ready to help. Learn more about the MDP Guarantee.