Emergency Loan | Cash during hard times

emergency-cash-300x300Are you looking for a place that will give you an emergency loan without a lot of hassle? If you are, a pawn shop is the right choice for you, especially if you have some items that you can part with for the time being. You can get instant cash when you use a pawn shop to get a loan.


A pawn shop basically offers customers what is known as a pawn loan for their items of value. The customer hands over an item that they own that is in good condition, such as fine china, power tools, gold jewelry or a guitar in exchange for instant cash on the spot. The shop will look over the item and appraise it for the value and offer a collateral loan that is based on how much it is currently worth. The transaction is fast and easy and also perfect for when you need an emergency loan and don’t have anywhere else to go.


As a customer, you will have six months to repay the loan and collect the item that you pawned back. If you need more time to repay the loan, simply ask for an extension. All you will need to do is pay the interest that is due and you will be given more time to repay the principle of the loan. At Monte de Piedad, customers will also have a one month grace period to make their payment.


When you are in a financial emergency and need fast cash, pawning your items can be a perfect way to get the money that you need. When you are ready to redeem the item or items that you pawned, simply pay back the borrowed amount with interest during the period of six months. If you do not have the cash or do not want the item anymore, you can simply allow the shop to keep possession of it permanently.
Need a loan fast? Come on down to Monte de Piedad and see what we can do for you. Pawn us your items in exchange for a fast loan today!