Difference Between Pawning Laptops Vs Selling Laptops

keyboardA few obvious options you have when you get into a financial pinch range from finding other sources of income to selling items. An option that is less obvious, but has the potential for quick cash when you need it, is to utilize the services of a pawn shop. If you have upgraded your phone, tablet or television recently and want to get rid of your old one, a pawn shop is a great place to clear out clutter and get instant cash at the same time.

A pawn shop buys items outright, but many people don’t also realise that it can also be a source for a pawn loan if you need funds quickly and don’t necessarily want to get rid of the item. It is an alternative to selling your trusty laptop or tablet outright. Electronic items such as tablets, laptops, and television sets are dependable items to use as collateral. The process involves taking your extra items to the Monte de Piedad Pawn Shop and asking for an appraisal to determine how much money you can walk out with. Explain that you’re not interested in selling your items outright, but that you would like a temporary loan. You can walk out that day with the cash, and return at a later point when you have the money to purchase it back along with interest.

This option is viable because you know the item is taken care of and will be returned in the same condition that you left it. There are term limits to how long a shop will hold an item. After the term has expired, typically from two to six months, the item will be sold if it isn’t reclaimed to allow the pawn shop to recoup their costs from issuing the loan.
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