Difference Between Pawning and Selling

Two hands exchanging money on golden jewelry
Two hands exchanging money on golden jewelry

While a pawn shop can purchase items from you traditionally, it can perform another function that essentially constitutes providing you an emergency loan based on the items you deposit into it. These two options have vastly different functions both in premise and in practice, and suit different needs for clients.

Selling items to a pawn shop is a viable option for persons that need money for any pressing personal reasons and do not necessarily care about ever regaining those items. Once an item has been formally sold to the shop, from that point onward the shop is allowed free reign to do anything they will with it, and the establishment could at best allow you to purchase it back as though you were a shopper.

For persons that merely need temporary cash loans and intend to reclaim their items later, the option to pawn these items instead of sell them becomes viable. Pawning refers to leaving items in the shop’s care so as to receive cash loans for them; presumably, once the person has gotten through their personal emergency with the loans’ help and made back the money on their end, they would pay back the loans – plus the interest owed on the items – to retrieve the items.


However, this process typically imposes a two-to-six-month time limit – in which the person is eligible to repay the loan to get the item back. If the person does not pay back the loan within the agreed time frame, the person keeps their loan and the shop keeps the item, and the shop will now want to sell it to someone else to recoup their money.

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