Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

It’s that time of year again when you start gathering ideas about what to get everyone on your Christmas list! For most of us, coming up with gift ideas for women is the most challenging. It’s a dilemma that men face every time a special occasion comes up. Sometimes, just choosing between extravagant and practical is the hardest part of all. The first step towards finding the perfect gift for any women is to recognize that all the women in your life aren’t the same. Their gifts shouldn’t be, either!

gift ideas for women

Jewelry: The Perfect Gift for Girls of Any Age

Most guys know that jewelry is the perfect go-to gift when you can’t think of anything else to get your significant other. But it isn’t always the obvious choice for a young daughter or your mother. A carefully thought-out jewelry purchase could even make your grandmother’s day!

Top Jewelry Picks

1. Mickey Mouse Ladies Bracelet

Mickey Mouse is one of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time. Not only do the youngest kids love him, but so do older girls that are young-at-heart. The added appeal of gold makes the Mickey Mouse gold bracelet a good investment, too! Any woman on your gift list with a passion for Mickey will treasure this addition to their collection. If she prefers other characters or themes, look around. There’s a lot to choose from to match every personality.

2. Gold Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are another icon that has remained popular over time. There are two reasons that they are such good gift ideas for women. One is that they offer so many options for personalization. There is an entire world of charms out there. Choose her initial, a birthstone, zodiac sign, or something related to her career. The second reason they’re so great is that they give you gift-giving options for years to come. Give her a new charm each year to mark something special that happened in her life. It’s a new way to treasure an old gift time and time again. It also grows more valuable with each new addition, especially when you start with a gold charm bracelet.

3. Gold and Diamond Earrings

Earrings basically come in two styles: pierced or clips. Most younger women have pierced ears these days, while some seniors don’t. Make sure you know which style to get. You should also pay attention to her current style. Women often tone down their tastes as they get older. If you remember her big hoop earrings from years ago, make sure she’s still into them before you buy.

When you buy earrings or any other type of jewelry for your significant other, you want to stick with quality pieces. Nothing tops the chart more than gold and diamonds. A good way to choose is by matching the jewelry to her wedding rings. The same metal color and diamond shape mean that the earrings always go with what else she is wearing.

If you’re buying earrings for the youngest woman in your life, don’t forgo quality. Cheap costume jewelry is often made of materials that hurt sensitive ears. In addition to surgical stainless steel, those made of platinum, titanium, and 14K gold are the safest options.

4. A Unique Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings usually feature one oversized stone or multiple stones making them larger than the average ring. Most are made with imitation stones and they resemble inexpensive fashion jewelry. If your girl loves big flashy jewelry, a higher quality cocktail ring made from gold, real gems, and diamonds might be the ultimate Christmas gift for her. It’s just what she wanted; only better.

Of course, there are lots of styles of rings for different types of women. For something with a modern look, consider rose gold. It’s the most feminine-looking metal, especially when it’s mixed with diamonds. You can find rings in classic or modern designs to suit any woman in your life.

5. A High-End Watch

There’s a lot of talk about the usefulness of watches coming to an end. Many experts believe that the increased use of technology (more specifically, from cell phone use) has eliminated the need for almost anyone to wear a timepiece. All you have to do is look at the broad range of watches in all types of jewelry stores, retail stores, and in fashion magazines to see how timeless this piece of jewelry actually is. There are lots of new features available in watches today. Some are made to help keep you fit. Others help you track the time in different parts of the world. While the trends come and go, the demand for high-end watches continues to grow. Their place in so many different lifestyles makes watches one of the best gift ideas for women.

6. Pins and Brooches

We often refer to these pieces of jewelry as one in the same, but there are some differences. Both are types of jewelry that attach to your clothing as decoration. “Pins” are the more general term that includes brooches as a single type of pin. A brooch is usually larger and is worn at the throat or on a jacket lapel. Sometimes women use them to fasten a neck scarf or to adorn a hat.

Some women like vintage style pins and brooches so much that they collect them. You can recognize their taste from what you normally see them wear. Others like more modern styled pins that add a little something extra to their clothing.


Electronics: Not Just for Guys!

We tend to think of electronics as a “guy thing.” That’s because they often have electronics at the top of their wish list. But they aren’t the only ones who appreciate the convenience and luxury offered by some of the newest gadgets.

Top Electronics Picks

1. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones emit a noise that blocks unwanted ambient sounds. They are a great choice for a woman who spends a lot of time working in a busy, noisy environment where it’s hard to keep her focus. They also help frequent travelers sleep on noisy airplanes. Bose is one of the leading brands in noise-canceling headphones, offering both wired and unwired models.

2. Sound Enhancing Headphones

The right headphones make listening to her music an ultimate experience. There are all types of earbuds, over-ear styles that are wired, wireless, specialty, or highly versatile headphones on the market today. Some are made specifically for use with one type of player or games system, while others go almost anywhere and enhance any sound. If she enjoys listening to music while she cleans the house, goes running, or while the rest of the family watches TV, there’s a set of headphones that are right for her. Teens aren’t the only ones who enjoy focusing on their favorite beats! Basically, the more expensive the headphones are, the better the sound will be. Focus on high-end brands and skip the discount models made by no-name companies.

3. A Laptop Upgrade

From the youngster who enjoys playing video games to the top executive of a Fortune 500 company, every girl needs a laptop. The technology used in today’s laptops makes it easier and safer to surf, store data, and share with friends or co-workers. Unless hers is less than a couple of years old, it’s probably a good time to upgrade to something new. Look at some of the features offered on newer models that might make her life a little easier or just more fun!

If you need a gift for an older woman, a laptop might be just the thing. If she lives far away from siblings and other family members, the opportunity to chat online or stay in touch with social media might mean more than you think.

4. A Professional Quality Camera

Most of us rely on our cell phones for everything these days. When we need to take a photo, we just point the cell phone and shoot! For some women, a high-quality Canon or Nikon camera is a chance to create art. If she loves photos and capturing special moments with a camera, a professional quality camera is one of those gift ideas for women that will surprise and delight.

5. A (Not-So-New) New iPod

Kids as young as 4 or 5 love the iPod touch. They take photos, videos, and even make movie trailers. They can use them to learn other languages, science and geography, and, yes, play video games. For kids, the iPod is a great way to do the things they don’t need a phone to do. For adults, it’s a convenient way to do other things and conserve their phone batteries. It’s especially great for travel.


Where to Shop for the Best Deals on Gift Ideas for Women

We all know the routine. Black Friday is the start of the holiday shopping season, and even that is coming earlier each year. Many retailers have started the sales on Thanksgiving day to get their sales even higher. Then comes Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the season.

The sales ads and gimmicks might sound tempting, but you don’t have to fight the crowds and long lines in the hopes of getting ahead of the crowds. Although stores like to make a big deal of these two days, there’s a good chance you can get the same or better deal before the big date rolls around.

Another problem with shopping on Black Friday is that little note at the bottom of the ad, which reads “while supplies last.” There’s nothing like going into battle for the last bargain only to lose out at the last minute.

Instead of focusing on coupons, sales, and special offers, consider a different way to shop. The best Christmas shopping experience is one where you get the best value. It also means getting a gift that someone special is going to love. Sometimes buying items that aren’t exactly new will save you money. It also gives you a little wiggle room to get ‘more’ or ‘better’ instead of getting the latest trends.

One thing that makes each of the gift ideas for women on this list a good choice is their potential for long-term use. How many toys have you given the kids at Christmas, only to have them end up in the garage unused? How many times have you picked out a great outfit that, for some reason, has never gotten worn?

When you pick out a gift, it needs to be something that she would choose for herself. It might be practical, luxurious, or both! And if you know where to shop, you can get something a lot nicer for your money.

Giving Gifts That Give Back

A new trend that is emerging is the idea of buying gifts that give back. Some companies donate a pair of socks to the homeless when you purchase a clothing item. Others give a meal with purchases over a certain amount. Some companies even plant a tree for buying their environmentally friendly products.

The idea is a great one, but it doesn’t always help the environments that people live in. When you purchase any of these gift ideas for women at Monte de Piedad, a portion of the proceeds goes towards funding our community foundations.

The Monte de Piedad Foundation awards generous scholarships to students within the South County of San Diego. This helps emerging young leaders and scholars get a higher education that they otherwise couldn’t afford.

Christmas is a time for giving, to our loved ones, and to all the important men and women in our lives. What better way to shop for the perfect gift than to buy something that gives even more to the community?

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