Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

As we get closer to the holidays, it’s time to think about what gifts you’ll be giving to all your family and friends. We always think it’s a challenge to find gifts for women in our lives, but thinking of gift ideas for men can be a struggle, too. What do you get the guy who has everything? Or the one who says he doesn’t want anything? The guys in your family might be easy to please—a cold drink, some snacks and their favorite game on T.V.—but they still deserve a nice surprise gift!

It can be intimidating to find meaningful gift ideas for men. It’s important to think about the man’s favorite pastimes. Most guys favor practical gifts that they’ll use in their everyday lives. Yet, it can be nice to add a little touch of style or flair that they might not think to get for themselves!

gift ideas for men

Tools: A Gift Every Man Loves

When you pick tools as a gift, you make a man’s day easier by giving him something he’ll use. Tools are a completely personalized gift. Great tools make the difference in every project. Whether he’s working on a car or cooking in the kitchen, he needs tools. Tools of all sorts are a great gift idea for men because they honor the work that a person does with their hands. A man will love that you recognize their jobs and hobbies.

1. Grill Set

The right accessories make outdoor grilling great. Get him a nice grill set. . . and don’t forget to kiss the chef! Grill spatulas, tongs and pokers are tools that he’ll use for years to come. If you can find grill sets with a personal touch–such as his favorite color or sports team logo–that’s even better!

2. Bicycle Repair Kit

Your bike-obsessed guy should prepare to fix a flat, repair a broken chain or tighten up a loose bolt. DIY repairs will save money compared to a bike shop. When he takes a few simple bike tools on-the-go he’ll never get stranded in the city, or out on backcountry trails. Here are the tools to look for as you create his perfect bicycle repair kit

3. Magnetic Bracelet for Tools

If he’s working on the engine of a car or needs screws at hand for a home repair, he needs small parts at hand. A magnetic cuff keeps small hardware from rolling away. It’s a great gift for any handyman.

4. Pasta Roller

A must-have for your favorite wannabe chef! Pasta rollers make it easy to make delicious, fresh pasta at home. And hey—they’ll share some of their culinary creations!

5. Tool Belt

Not sure what tools to get him? Then a tool belt is the perfect gift idea. They keep all his tools organized and ready to grab right when he needs them.

Style Picks: Not Just for Women!

Every woman loves a sharply-dressed man! But when it comes to shopping for guys, it can be hard to know what clothing or accessories they’ll like. Some guys don’t even know what clothing they like, while others are very particular! Luckily, there’s tons of style picks for men. Does your guy like to dress sporty, business-preppy, or does he have a rockstar style all his own? A carefully chosen accessory can make even the most casual guy feel cared for.

1. Driving Gloves

Driving gloves keep hands comfortable. They enhance your ability to grip the wheel with a lighter touch. Driving gloves make a great gift because he may not think to buy them for himself. Modern glove designs will allow him to use smart devices as well. Perfect for the man who spends a lot of his time behind the wheel.

2. Cufflinks

Add a bit of flair to any formal outfit with a pair of cufflinks. They’re easy to wear, affordable to find pre-owned, and he’ll love the subtle embellishment.

3. Chain Jewelry

A simple gold or silver chain is a versatile style that looks suave on any man. A small gold chain goes great when worn subtly under a business shirt. Bigger, chunkier styles will have him ready to hit the dance floor in ultimate style.

4. Name Brand Sunglasses

Sunglasses are fashionable and functional. They’re a great gift that he’ll use often and love. You can find a great pair of name brand sunglasses for a fraction of the original price if you shop smart.

5. Men’s Skincare

Men need to take care of their skin, too! Shower gels, shaving creams, beard conditioners and aftershaves are all great gift ideas for men. They will keep his skin soft and protected through the winter months. Check out this list of top men’s skincare products from Men’s Health.

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Gadgets and Electronics

Is your guy a sucker for electronics? It’s easy to find great deals on awesome gear that can make his life easier—and a little more fun! Even if your guy’s a little tech-shy, electronics can still be great gift ideas for men.

1. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

With portable, rechargeable speakers he can take his favorite music wherever he goes. Now he can boost the sound of his favorite videos and podcasts with a portable speaker.

2. FitBit

For the guy with fitness goals, a FitBit is the perfect holiday gift idea. The FitBit will help him track his physical activity. It’s integrated with software that will help motivate him to become more active. FitBit doesn’t just track activity. It will encourage him to eat more balanced meals, keep his sleep schedule on track and help him be the healthiest, happiest man he can be. The best part is, many FitBits are now available used for a fraction of the original price! Learn about FitBits with this awesome gift guide from the FitBit website. But remember that you’ll save money when you find them pre-owned!

3. Device Chargers

Who couldn’t use an extra device charger? Look for smart charging features like energy efficiency or a super-fast charge time. Just make sure to get one that’s compatible with his favorite devices!

4. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo connects to voice-activated Alexa. He can use it to play his favorite music, set alarms, make calls, ask questions, and more. It’s as easy as asking a friend to put on music!  With 2-3 compatible Echo devices, he can play the same music in multiple rooms. Amazon Echo can also play audiobooks, jam radio stations, read news reports. . . anything worth listening to, Amazon Echo can play.

5. Hi-Def Dashcam

A high-def dashcam is great for documenting road trips and fun drives. It also provides lots of protection during an accident, or in the event of a break in. If your guy loves his car, he’ll also love the security he feels from using a trusty dashcam.

Take Advantage of the Best Deals on Gift Ideas for Men

Every year it seems like the holiday shopping season sneaks up on us earlier and earlier. Black Friday kicks it all off, but many places have started sales on Thanksgiving Day to draw people in sooner. Holiday sales are all over the internet. It’s impossible to look up anything without letting flashy ads distract you.

Shopping online during the holidays can be great, but it’s not always smart. You can get drawn into tons of online sales or buy-one-get-one schemes. Remember that online sales include shipping fees, and until the gift arrives (hopefully undamaged!) you don’t know exactly what you’re getting. So while shopping online seems convenient, it’s good to get some presents in person, too.

Shopping for Christmas presents in person is a fun tradition that feels a bit like an adventure. And when you get a great deal, it feels extra special. The best shoppers know that buying certain pre-owned items can save them huge amounts of money! It also gives you the financial freedom to get more presents, or ones that are better suited to him. If you’re always shopping the latest trends, you might miss out on some great deals.

Shop Smarter, Shop Local

When you pick out a gift, it should be something that he’ll actually use. A gift he’ll love might be useful, extravagant, or both! And when you’re a smart shopper, you can get the best bang for your buck for high-quality gifts. That’s why it’s a great idea to check out locally-owned discount stores and pawn shops to find the perfect gifts that won’t break the bank.

Often, locally run stores will give you better holiday deals than the big-box stores. It’s worth checking out some discount stores in your neighborhood to find the best deals. When you shop local, the knowledgeable staff tend to care more about helping you find the perfect gift for your loved one.


Top Reasons to Buy Pre-Owned This Christmas

When you shop at a locally owned neighborhood store, there are so many reasons to celebrate. When you get a great gift that also helps the community, it means more than going to a big, anonymous chain. Buying pre-owned items is better for your wallet, contributes to your local economy and helps the environment.

Some items should always be bought second hand. Furniture, designer clothes, baby clothes, jewelry, sports equipment and electronics are just a few of the items you can find at a great value. But if you still need some convincing, here are 5 reasons to buy pre-owned items this holiday season.

Pre-Owned Products Are Less Expensive

When you buy items used (except collectible antiques) it is less expensive than the new items. Buying from pawn shops and thrift stores is usually 50-90% cheaper! Buying used makes your hard-earned money spread farther. That leaves you able to afford more holiday treats, such as tasty meals or more presents!

Pre-Owned Products Don’t Require New Resources

Every manufactured product is responsible for a certain amount of natural resources to be consumed. New products require farming cotton, clearing forests, mining for metal, or harvesting oil. Remember that the metals in cell phones, jewelry, and computers all come from the planet. This has consequences for our environment. Luckily, when you buy used items it doesn’t require the use of any new resources!

Pre-Owned Products Don’t Generate Pollution

When we grow and produce new products, it pumps a lot of pollution into the environment. This includes harmful chemicals, toxic pesticides, and high carbon emissions. Buying used items is the responsible choice–for your wallet, and for the environment.

Pre-Owned Products Don’t Have Packaging

New products always come with some kind of packaging. There are always hard plastic casings, plastic shrink wrap, cardboard boxes, or styrofoam peanuts. New packaging materials use energy and resources to make them. It can be really difficult to find a way to recycle all that packaging, or even more annoying, to have to throw it away. When you buy used from your local pawn shop, you don’t have annoying packaging to deal with. This is especially great for kids and elders, who have a tougher time getting into packaging.

Buying Pre-Owned Supports The Local Economy

When you buy from a neighborhood shop it keeps your money circulating in the neighborhood. Most pre-owned stores, even ones online, are small locally-owned shops, not corporate giants. Big corporations suck money out of the community! Instead, support a thrift shop! This supports whatever causes they give to – literacy, college scholarships, or charities.

Give to Your Guy—and Give Back to the Community!

Christmas is a time for giving to our friends and family–all the important people in our lives. The best part about finding a perfect gift at Monte de Piedad? You can buy something that gives even more to the community.
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