5 Rules for Planning Your Christmas Shopping on a Budget

holiday-budget-challenge-logo1When it comes to Christmas shopping, it’s not easy to stick to your budget. It’s the nature of the season to get caught up in giving, but there’s no reason to dip into your savings. You can get all of your holiday shopping done right without overspending.


  1. Make a List and Check It Twice

Your gift list may be the most important part of your Christmas plan. You want to get to everyone, but do you really need to include every person you know? Write your list and then cross off a few names. If you have to, go over it more than once. If a name is only there because you feel obligated, cross it off.


  1. Know Your Budget

Organization of your finances is key. Now that you have a list of people you want to shop for, figure out how much money you can safely spend this year. Once you have that figure, divide it up to determine how much to spend for each person. You don’t need to evenly distribute the money. You’ll probably spend more on your spouse than your best friend. From here, it’s easier to pick presents that match your finances.


  1. Head to the Pawn Shop

You’ll get the best price for just about any present at the pawn shop. There, you’ll find everything from a high quality watch to jewelry. Watches are just one luxury gift you can get at a discount. You can even find engagement rings, golf clubs, electronics and much more.


  1. Hunt for Discounts

When money’s tight, it is never a good idea to pick a gift and then buy it no matter the cost. You have to look for deals to keep cost down. Scour flyers and compare prices. Instead of impulse buying, go for the discount.


  1. Minimize the Trappings

A lot of Christmas lovers will spend much of their holiday allowance on trappings like wreaths, huge bows, expensive food and single-use decor. Don’t do it. Wrapping paper is cheap and looks nice. If you must have bows, get the big bags of them at a discount. Only get decorations you can use more than once. Fake wreaths look just as nice as the ones at the tree shop.
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