4 Tips on How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

ringPurchasing an engagement ring is a pretty big deal for any guy out there. It can be confusing to know where to shop or what to look for when you’re not necessarily a connoisseur of jewelry. An engagement ring is the first step in entering a happy and long-lasting marriage, so it needs to be a decision that has some thought put into it.

The Style
You can go for an extravagantly large diamond that takes up a lot of finger space or a dainty solitaire that complements the wedding band that will go next to it. Keep in mind that the larger the ring, the less room for the wedding band. Some women also find larger rings with thick diamonds to be uncomfortable to wear. Consider your fiance’s occupation when choosing a ring. For example, a nurse or caregiver who is constantly putting on gloves will find a large diamond to be annoying. Go for a unique ring that provides a personal touch to your loved one’s finger.

The Quality
The ring isn’t going to be worn for the year before the wedding and then tossed to the side. This is a piece of jewelry that will need to be high quality enough to last a lifetime. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on a piece that is made of titanium steel, but don’t go too cheap or else the ring will have to be replaced after just a few years.

Know the Return Policy
Before purchasing any ring, know the return policy of the store you’ll be buying it from. If the ring doesn’t fit or isn’t what your fiance is looking for after presenting it to her, you need to be able to return it without a hassle.

The Price
Some people say that you need an expensive ring because it shows you’re ready to settle with your future spouse and are able to provide for them. This isn’t necessarily true, as you can find great quality pieces for a low price. For example, consider going to a local California pawn shop, as they offer beautiful items at low costs. Even if you’re just looking for a Valentine’s gift, the shop will have rings at affordable prices.

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