10 Secrets to Buying Electronics at a San Diego Pawn Shop

You need a new computer or cell phone for college or work, but you simply don’t have it in your budget to buy a new one. Did you know that many people rely on buying electronics at a pawn shop to find great deals on quality electronics? If you live in San Diego, you have access to many pawn shops or pawnbrokers. Here are the top ten secrets to buying electronic devices at a San Diego pawn shop.

Buying Electronics at a Pawn Shop

Choosing the Right San Diego Pawn Broker

Before you begin shopping at your local San Diego pawn shops, there are a few steps you should take. The first thing you should do is research the pawn shops in your area and find some with favorable reviews. Visit a few on a trial basis. See if you’re comfortable going there. Take note on how the staff treats you as well. Pawn shops are regulated, and the National Pawnbrokers Association recommends that you check for a pawning license. This will ensure that the pawnbroker is licensed to run this shop in your area. Look to see if the pawn shop of your choice gives back to the community, as this is a sign that they are a legitimate business. Once you have found a shop you’re comfortable with, it’s time to browse for electronics.

1. Tips for Picking a Laptop at a Pawn Shop

The first thing you should walk into a San Diego pawn shop knowing is exactly what you want to buy. You should be aware of how much memory you are looking for, as well as any performance issues. Make sure you check the battery as well so you know if you’ll have to replace it. Check the laptop’s frame for cracks and the screen for any damage. Ask the pawnbroker to turn it on and check the connectivity. Finally, ask for all of the documentation and software that came with the laptop.

2. Tips for Buying a Smartphone at a Pawn Broker

iphone Pawn Shop

Many pawn shops sell used smartphones in addition to a variety of other electronics. If you’re going to purchase one, there are some tips you should follow. The first thing you should do is ask the seller to turn it on to make sure it works correctly. Look for any damage to the case or screen. Cracks, chips, or scratches are common. Make sure there is no passcode that will lock you out of the phone and you can use this phone with your existing network. Pop your SIM card in and make sure it works and is compatible.

3. Tips for Buying a Pawn Shop Tablet

If you’re looking for a tablet, check you local pawn shops. According to Pawn Nerd, many pawn brokers put a cap on how old their electronics are. This cap is usually only two or three years.  Inspect the tablet for any damage to the outer casing like chips or cracks. Turn it on, or ask a staff member to turn it on and check for any screen defects. Check for a passcode and check that it connects to the internet. Make sure you ask for any charging cables or cases that may have come with it.

4. Tips for Buying a Gaming Console

When you buy a used gaming console, you have to be very careful. Check the frame for any outward damage and boot it up to make sure it works. Ask the staff for any manuals, cords, cables, or extras that came with it when it was brought in.

5. Tips for Buying a Television at a Pawn Shop

The first thing you should look for is a reputable brand. You should also go into the shop knowing what you’re looking for. Do you want a LED, LCD, or Plasma television? If you find one you like, ask to have it turned on and check the screen for defects. If you’re looking at a smart TV, make sure it has the proper cables with it. Check for any cracks, and dents, and check the speakers for sound quality.

6. Tips for Buying a Pawn Shop MP3 Player

Pawn Shop Tricks

If you’re picking an MP3 player from a San Diego pawn shop, turn it on and check that any locks and protections are off. There should be at least one song on it so you can test the audio quality. Check for dents, scratches, or cracks. Ask the staff for any additional cords, headphones, or papers that came with it.

7. Tips for Buying a Camera Buying at a San Diego Pawn Shop 

Pawnbrokers usually have a decent supply of high-quality cameras for sale. Bring your own memory card and make sure it works in the camera you choose. Check each terminal for gunk or bent pieces. You should also test the camera’s lens mount for defects along with the mirror box. You shouldn’t see any dirt, damage, scratches, or water spots.

8. Tips for Buying Quality Head Phones at a Pawn Shop

If you manage to find headphones at a San Diego pawnbroker, there are a few things to check for before you buy them. Plug them into a sound source and check the balance of the left and right ear pieces. Next, move around a little to see if the cord is loose in either ear. It’ll fade in and out if it is. Check for any visible defects like fraying wires or cracks. Finally, test the sound quality. You want something that can hit both bass and high notes without distorting.

9. Tips for Buying Speakers at a Pawn Shop

You can usually find speakers at pawn shops. If you do, ask if you can hear them to see how they sound. Check that the speaker isn’t blown. It will distort the sound quality if it is. Check for any visible defects to the cabinets. If it’s possible, ask the staff to test the resistance. This will ensure the driver isn’t fried.

10. Tips for Buying a Webcam at a Pawn Shop

Webcams can be expensive, but pawn shops are an excellent spot to find them. If you find one, check the condition first. If it was properly maintained, there should be no cosmetic damage like cracks or dents. Make sure that the lens is damage free as well. It shouldn’t have any spots or scratches. You might want to bring your own computer to check that it is compatible with it, especially if your computer is a new model.

Buying electronics from a pawn shop can seem like a daunting thing to do. If you live in the area, you should find reputable San Diego pawnbrokers to deal with. One such pawn broker is Monte De Piedad. You can contact us today for any of your pawn shop buying needs or visit one of our locations spread out through San Diego County.