Best Items to Pawn

When you’re in a hurry for extra cash, a pawn shop offers a fast and easy way to get money from a loan or by buying items outright; but what do pawn shops buy? If you have ever shopped at a pawn shop, you already have a general idea. The items they sell come from … Continued

What is a Pawn Shop?

In the past, there was a sharp division between people who did business with pawn shops and those who didn’t. If you asked the latter group “What is a pawn shop?” they would respond that it was a seedy place that dealt in stolen goods. Of course, that wasn’t really true then and it is … Continued

How the Military Lending Act Affects Your Visit to the Pawn Shop

History of the Military Lending Act Passed originally in 2006, the intention  of the Military Lending Act was to protect consumers, particularly those with low income, from what legislators consider to be “predatory” interest rates and other potentially “exploitative” lending practices. Since then, the MLA has been updated with newer forms of legislation. Despite what … Continued

Pawn Shop Escondido | How To Pick The Best Pawn Shop in Town

A walk through the city of Escondido will almost always lead you past more than one pawn shop. Escondido has more than its fair share of pawn stores, all of which look similar from the outside. It isn’t until you go through the doors with the plan to buy or sell items that the differences … Continued

Tips for Buying and Selling at a Pawn Shop

The rise in popularity of the reality show, Pawn Stars, led to a resurgence in the popularity of pawn shops. Follow these tips when at a pawn shop for buying and selling to help you make the most of your experience and protect yourself from possibly shady practices.  Tips When at a Pawn Shop How Pawn … Continued

How to Negotiate at a Pawn Shop

A pawn shop is a great place to pick up some fast money or find something you need at a lower price than in the store. If you know how to negotiate at a pawn shop, you can get even better deals on what you sell, pawn, or buy. Some pawn shops actually expect you … Continued

What Can I Pawn for $500, $200, or $50?

When people make the decision to pawn something, it is usually because they need money for something in particular and they need it fast. The first question they may ask the pawn shop is what can I pawn for the amount of money I need? It’s always helpful to know how much money you need … Continued

Pawning vs Selling | The pros and cons of each explored

Many people pass by the windows of pawn shops in their communities all the time without ever considering going inside. They have never had the need to learn the difference between pawning vs selling, much less the pros and cons of each. Although the movement of many pawn shops to the internet has boosted the … Continued