Tips for Buying and Selling at a Pawn Shop

The rise in popularity of the reality show, Pawn Stars, led to a resurgence in the popularity of pawn shops. Follow these tips when at a pawn shop for buying and selling to help you make the most of your experience and protect yourself from possibly shady practices.  Tips When at a Pawn Shop How Pawn … Continued

What Can I Pawn for $500, $200, or $50?

When people make the decision to pawn something, it is usually because they need money for something in particular and they need it fast. The first question they may ask the pawn shop is what can I pawn for the amount of money I need? It’s always helpful to know how much money you need … Continued

5 Rules for Planning Your Christmas Shopping on a Budget

When it comes to Christmas shopping, it’s not easy to stick to your budget. It’s the nature of the season to get caught up in giving, but there’s no reason to dip into your savings. You can get all of your holiday shopping done right without overspending.   Make a List and Check It Twice … Continued

5 Reasons to do Your Christmas Shopping at a Pawn Shop

Where can you go to buy a guitar, a gold ring, and laptops at a discount? Monte de Piedad Pawn Shop offers all of these items and more. Our shop isn’t just a great place to get a loan. It is also the perfect place for you to do your Christmas shopping and we have … Continued

Pawn Shop: A Great Place to Buy Jewelry

Buying jewelry does not have to be complicated or expensive; Most people do not immediately think of a pawn shop for these purchases, but maybe they should. A pawnbroker loans money to an individual in exchange for a particular item, the collateral. If the loan is paid off on time, the collateral is returned to … Continued

Why Christmas Shopping at Monte de Piedad ® is a Great Choice.

Think Cartier and Tiffany, and fine jewelry, and you’re probably imagining ultra expensive diamonds, watches and stunning jewelry out of your reach. Now, walk into a well-established pawn shop like one of the several Monte de Piedad® branches in California, and your eyes will light up like a Christmas tree. Monte de Piedad® offers up … Continued

Money-Saving Tips for Holiday Shopping

The holiday season celebrates the best in mankind, whatever holiday you celebrate. But gift-giving holidays also brings out the worst in people: greed, lack of self-control, over-indulgence, burnout. If you overspend in December, plan on heartache in January. Here are holiday shopping tips and ways to save money on budget Christmas presents. Set a budget and … Continued