Benefits of Getting a Pawn Loan

Getting a loan is hard these days no matter what your credit is and most of us don’t have perfect credit. A pawn loan, which you get from a pawn shop, is an alternative to the standard loan. Instead of using your credit as collateral, you bring something of value, such as jewelry, to a … Continued

4 Tips on How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

Purchasing an engagement ring is a pretty big deal for any guy out there. It can be confusing to know where to shop or what to look for when you’re not necessarily a connoisseur of jewelry. An engagement ring is the first step in entering a happy and long-lasting marriage, so it needs to be … Continued

Difference Between Pawning Laptops Vs Selling Laptops

A few obvious options you have when you get into a financial pinch range from finding other sources of income to selling items. An option that is less obvious, but has the potential for quick cash when you need it, is to utilize the services of a pawn shop. If you have upgraded your phone, … Continued

5 Ways to Improve your Finances in 2017

  2017 is here and now is the time to start setting your New Year’s resolutions. The new year offers a great opportunity to reset and renew your finances. Here are five easy steps you can take to get started.   Set Achievable Goals Knowing what your financial goals are is the first step to … Continued

5 Rules for Planning Your Christmas Shopping on a Budget

When it comes to Christmas shopping, it’s not easy to stick to your budget. It’s the nature of the season to get caught up in giving, but there’s no reason to dip into your savings. You can get all of your holiday shopping done right without overspending.   Make a List and Check It Twice … Continued

5 Reasons to do Your Christmas Shopping at a Pawn Shop

Where can you go to buy a guitar, a gold ring, and laptops at a discount? Monte de Piedad Pawn Shop offers all of these items and more. Our shop isn’t just a great place to get a loan. It is also the perfect place for you to do your Christmas shopping and we have … Continued

Difference Between Pawning and Selling

While a pawn shop can purchase items from you traditionally, it can perform another function that essentially constitutes providing you an emergency loan based on the items you deposit into it. These two options have vastly different functions both in premise and in practice, and suit different needs for clients. Selling items to a pawn … Continued

Simple Ways To Save On Back To School

Its estimated by the National Retail Federation that American families will spend a total of $75.8 billion on back to school shopping this year. This means its time to get more creative on saving money for back to school supplies. Check what you own Before you hit the stores, take stock of what you already … Continued

The Price of Gold Continues to Rise!

Gold has long been one of the most valuable items on the planet. As such, it is one of the most frequently pawned items when you’re in need of some quick cash. Pawning jewelry can help tide you over until you get paid, and just because you sell your items doesn’t mean that you can’t … Continued

How to Get More Money For Your Gold?

  Here are some tips when choosing a gold buyer:   1. Choose a reputable jeweler. Look for jeweler or pawnbroker who has been in your community for a long time — they have a reputation to protect. 2. Make sure the jeweler has a permanent location. Always sell your gold to a place with … Continued